Yea, it’s windy in West Texas…

Yes, it is windy in West Texas, but if there are 45 mph gusts, are you going to allow your employees to be working out on the roof? Isn’t this a huge liability for a company?

Well, I guess it’s not for the company NinjaSuperstar works for. Today, he was checking on the roofing crews for one of the jobs he sold and he had to get up on the roof. Well, they were all on the roof! Is that crazy, or is it just me? I was so mad when I found this out today. I don’t like the fact that that company doesn’t offer any kind of health insurance, life insurance, or any kind of retirement plan and after one year of being with they company, the employees get only one week of paid time off! One Week! Can you believe it? I am just more and more amazed each day at how under valued the employees of a million dollar company can be. Just one more reason for me to dislike the company NinjaSuperstar works for. I seem to find a new reason every day. Wow. I can’t wait until we don’t have to deal with their crap anymore. We only have about 5 more months left on our lease here in Red Dirt City. Hopefully we can last that long.

One good thing about Red Dirt City, however, is the really nice mommies I’ve met here. I have a super nice Italian neighbor that I really like hanging out with. And I’m (well, really, Biscuit is) in a really great playgroup here in town, too. The moms are super-nice and it is so nice to socialize with adults! I will really miss them when we leave.

So, one of Biscuit’s aunts, Tia Ia got her some really cute Ruby ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ Red, Glittery Shoes. Sister will be 8 months old next week and isn’t really used to shoes on her feet. She’s only had experience with socks, until now, and she seems to think they are toys, rather than actual foot warmers. Anyway, she thought these shoes were toys, as well. It was pretty cute when she was trying to remove them. I don’t know how I’m actually going to get this child to wear real shoes. I guess we have plenty of time, though.


One Response to “Yea, it’s windy in West Texas…”

  1. FGM Says:

    I’m glad you are documenting your-My Baby thinking that you’re funny. Maybe by the time she’s old enough to know better, NinjaSuperstar’s funniness will have rubbed off on you. Wait, what faulty thinking, if my funny hasn’t infected you yet, you’re immune. At least you know we are funny. And, part of what makes you so adorable (no, I’m not going to mention your height), is that you think your stories are funny.

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