We’re Back :) and :(

So, we have returned to the Red Dirt City from being in the Metroplex for the last week and few days. We have a Hate/Love relationship with leaving our family’s houses after the week or weekend:

Hate leaving the family…

Hate leaving the conveniences of the bigger city…

Hate leaving the convenience of family wanting to babysit…

Hate getting Little Biscuit used to NOT being held constantly…

Love coming home to sleep in our own beds…

Love getting Biscuit back to sleeping through the night and regular naps.

So, when we were out of town, Biscuit began her 8th month of life. She is getting so big. I can’t believe how much she has changed in 8 months! Crawling is in the near future, I think. I’ve read that some babies don’t crawl, but I think she might. She tries and tries, but just pushes herself backward and sometimes to the side. She is, however, getting really good at standing. Yesterday, she was holding onto one of my fingers and standing all by herself. She was also trying to grab the sunglasses off of my head. Wow, what a multi-tasker!

Biscuit did have a first when we were gone. She head-butted her Daddy for the first time, resulting in the red bump/spot on her head. Her very first one (of many, I’m sure)!  Take a look:

first head knot

In case you can’t see it…

bump right here


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