On the road…once again.

So, we returned last night from the Metroplex, again. We left last Wednesday because NinjaSuperstar had to attend a meeting of some sort for the company he works for. While we were gone, he also had a birthday! So, he is now 34! Whoa, getting up there! We also were able to visit Vovó (Grandmother–like Maw-Maw– in Portuguese) and Vovô (Grandfather–like Paw-Paw) and Little Biscuit’s Tia’s, Tio’s and Primo while we were there. Vovó is leaving for Brazil today for a month or so, so we will miss her when she is gone and especially when we go back to visit again next month.  Hopefully she will bring back lots of neat things for us to eat and wear.

So, Little Biscuit is starting to shake her head no, no, no and roll around like a barrel. I think she might crawl soon, but so far, she has one leg stuck and only pushes herself backward. Sometimes, she even pushes herself back ward and does the splits to get back to the sitting position. Sometimes, instead of the splits, she does hurkeys. Check it out…

I guess she’s been practicing her cheers with hurkeys…

We also went swimming with Daddy and Primo when we were at Vovó’s house 2 weeks ago…

Oh, and Pancake’s there, to the left. Running around like a spastic rat.

Pancake again…

And Primo, too…

When we were there last time, it was also Tia Ia’s b-day. We had some dinner and cake. Here is the b-day girl with her husband, Uncle Hot Rod, Biscuit and Primo.

Later Gators!

Oh, I’ve added some info about our family in my ‘about me’ section, so check it out to see who everyone is!


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