9 months, where have they gone?

So, today is Little Biscuit’s 9 month birthday! So much has happened in these 9 months! She actually started crawling on Sunday, I guess that was FGM’s birthday present and my Mom’s Day present. Yay for crawling…

So, as you probably guessed it, I have been pretty busy chasing Little Biscuit around the house and have had much less time available to cook, clean, check email, blog and all of the other things mommies do.  We did have a chance, today, to go to this place here in town called ‘Jumpin Jungle’.  It’s a pretty neat-o little indoor playground with lots of big inflatable slides and mazes.  Biscuit wasn’t so sure about going down the slides with Momma.  I was told she just had a very serious look of concern pasted to her face.   Maybe next month she will enjoy it a little more.   Well, I’ve got to get packin’ for another trip to the metroplex!  See ya soon!


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